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Gail Chord Schuler (pen name Gabrielle Chana) is a high functioning paranoid schizophrenic woman currently residing in an apartment in Florida.

Gail Schuler
Birth name Gail
Nicknames Gabrielle Chana, Crazy Gail
D.O.B. 15 September 1957 (age 55)
Gender Female
Nationality American
Race White, Japanese
Marriages David Schuler (1985-19??)
Children Erich Schuler
Occupation World Leader


Gail believes that she is at the center of a worldwide Jesuit conspiracy that plots to destroy the world by breaking up her romantic relationships with famous celebrities. The result is a bizarre world filled with a mismatched combination of famous people, futuristic technology, world catastrophe, and superhuman villains.

Overwhelmed by delusions of grandeur, Gail believes she is the combined reincarnation of Catherine the Great and King David, is descended from royalty, has won Nobel Prizes and been voted Sexiest Woman Alive, is a world renown author, chef, doctorate level medical expert, a prophet, Empress of Russia, invented the cure for AIDS, and is the intended wife of Jesus Christ. By all accounts, she has invented a version of herself that is probably the most extreme real life Mary Sue to ever exist. Contrary to her altered beliefs, Gail's true allure is her hair trigger delusions of persecution, extreme sexual expression, aspirations of megalomaniac control over the entire world, unintentional cruelty, ridiculously high standards for romantic partners, shallowness towards her unconditionally accepting imaginary lovers, and sincere ignorance to the entire situation.

The purpose of this wiki is to document the antics of one of the most interesting people to ever put themselves on the Internet.

Internet Presence - Gail's YouTube account - Jesuit Mirror account - Church of Gail - Gail's personal website - Order of the Jesuits website

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